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AIR-DRY PRO MT6531 air dehumidifier

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Moisture reduction with - air dehumidifier with a peltier cell and UV air purification

AIR-DRY MT6529 handheld air dehumidifier

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Nowadays, where comfort and a healthy home environment are worth their weight in gold, AIR-DRY MT6529 from Media-Tech stands out as an irreplaceable ally in the fight against excessive moisture. Its innovative technology and compact dimensions make it an ideal solution for any interior - both at home and in the office.

WHITE SHREDDER MT223 document and credit card shredder

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Document and credit card shredder WHITE SHREDDER MT223 from Media-Tech is a must-have in every office and home where privacy protection is a priority. With a security level in accordance with DIN 66399-2, this elegant device guarantees effective document destruction, protecting your information against unauthorized access.

LED desk lamp with LEDITOU MT222K inductive charger

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Energy-saving LED desk lamp with 15W inductive charger. Illuminated alarm clock with °C/°F thermometer.

LED desk lamp with LEDITOU MT222 induction charger

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Energy-saving LED desk lamp with 15W inductive charger. Illuminated alarm clock with °C/°F thermometer.

Air humidifier BREEZE FAN MT6515

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Desk fan with air humidification. The BREEZE FAN fan cools and humidifies the air. Capacity 350ml. Mist 40ml/h. USB-C Powered. Mood lighting.

Document shredder Shredder V3.0 MT215

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SHREDDER V3.0 MT215 is a functional and secure document, foil and credit card shredder. The device cuts confidential documents into 6,8mm wide pieces, making data recovery impossible.

SCANLINE MT4090 V3.1 portable scanner

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SCANLINE MT4090 V3.1 is a portable A4 and smaller document scanner, providing users with high quality scanned images, increased work efficiency and greater functionality.


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HDMI SWITCH is used to switch the image from up to 5 different devices connected to the input ports of the switch. 100% Automatic Device Plug and Play - No Drivers Required!
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Due to the more and more common work in the home office, it is worth paying attention to the equipment so far reserved only for offices. They are not just limited to pens and notebooks. Here are some popular office accessories worth investing in:

  1. Shredder of documents, credit cards and optical media including CDs, DVDs, Blue-ray
  2. Document laminator
  3. Portable document scanner
  4. WIFI wireless microscope (digital magnifier)

A document shredder, for short, is a machine for cutting paper into small pieces. It can also be used to shred other materials such as CDs, DVDs, Blue rays, credit cards and more.

Shredding confidential documents helps to protect the owner's identity and also prevents information theft. Simple tearing of documents is laborious and time-consuming, and throwing them into the trash allows for easy restoration. Burning them, in turn, is harmful to the environment.

The same applies to optical media used to store data and documents. If they are no longer needed, it is better to safely destroy them in a shredder. It is no different with expired payment cards.

A document laminator is a machine that applies heat and pressure to a thin sheet of plastic with one or more layers of paper. It is used to seal the document and make it more permanent. As a result, documents, photos, diplomas will become more durable by several hundred percent and waterproof.

Portable document scanning devices are designed to scan and transfer paper documents as digital files.

The portable document scanner is a great tool if you are constantly on the move. You can take it with you when you need to scan documents. The best thing about it is that it is light and compact, so it fits in your bag or even your pocket. It saves scanned images on a micro SD memory card, can scan documents in the form of A4 sheets, and thanks to its mobility, it can be used to scan pages from a book without destroying it. A perfect example will be the scanning of documents in land and mortgage register courts.

A digital magnifier is a type of microscope that can be used to magnify an object and create a high-resolution image. The device connects to the computer via WIFI. This allows you to view microscopic details, e.g. on integrated circuits, documents, etc.