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Horizontal stereo speaker. Soundbar type. It is equipped with magnetically shielded speakers with a total power of 5W RMS. Sound from SOUDBAR it is clean, and the low and high tones perfectly harmonize with each other, giving us the satisfaction of listening to our favorite songs.

IBO MT3137W computer speakers

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IBO MT3137W - a set of computer speakers powered from the USB port.
IBO MT3137W speakers are distinguished by their appearance and very good sound quality.

Soundbar speakers with Bluetooth ARAGOR 2.0 MT3175

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Horizontal gaming stereo speaker (soundbar type) with Bluetooth COBRA PRO ARAGOR 2.0 MT3175. This is a set of two-way, stereo speakers with an output power of 8W RMS.
Depending on the user's preferences, they can be set as 2.0 speakers (separately) or combined into a gaming soundbar.

COBRA PRO URION 2.0 Gaming 2.0 Bluetooth Speakers MT3172

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Gaming 2.0 speakers with Bluetooth COBRA PRO  URION 2.0 MT3172 is a set of two-way stereo speakers with 8W RMS output power. Loudspeakers URION 2.0 They perfectly reproduce the sound, thanks to which playing games, listening to music or watching movies becomes a real pleasure. 

AUDIENCE HQ MT3143K speakers

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AUDIENCE HQ MT3143 is a set of two-way stereo speakers with RMS 40W output power.
An important feature of the set are the wooden speaker housings, which undoubtedly affect the quality of the offered sound.
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The offer includes a wide selection of loudspeakers with various functions and capabilities.

Starting with the speaker SOUNDBAR MT3173, which will provide high-quality sound when watching movies or listening to music. Next up, a computer soundbar ARAGOR 2.0 MT3175 is a great choice for gamers, offering deep and clear sound and additional features such as volume control and color illumination.

IBO MT3137W speakers it is the perfect solution for movie lovers, providing a full range of sounds and a realistic sound experience. Gaming 2.0 speakers with Bluetooth COBRA PRO URION it's the perfect solution for gamers looking for a convenient and easy-to-use speaker system.

The last product we propose are Audience HQ MT3143K speakersthat will provide high-quality sound when listening to music or watching movies. All speakers available in this category are high-quality products that will certainly meet the expectations of even the most demanding users.