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FUSION MT872 smartwatch

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FUSION smartwatch The MT872 from Media-Tech is not an ordinary watch. It's your personal trainer and health tracker on your wrist. Equipped with sensors to measure heart rate, blood pressure and blood oxygenation levels, this smartwatch allows you to constantly track key health indicators.


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Two nylon straps included! Monitoring blood pressure, pulse, oxygenation, sports activity and other parameters, media control. Step and distance counter, sleep monitor, calorie burn calculation.


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Smartband with Bluetooth calling function, measurement of blood pressure, pulse, oxygenation and other parameters. Counter of steps and distance traveled, sleep monitor, calculation of calories burned and many more


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Bluetooth smartband. Pulse pressure, blood pressure and oxygenation measurement. Counter of steps and distance traveled, sleep monitor, calculation of calories burned ...
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includes a wide selection of smart bands and watches that combine the functions of a watch with the capabilities of advanced smartphones. Thanks to this, it is possible to measure and monitor many different parameters related to our health and physical activity, as well as to use various applications and services, such as messengers.

Media-Tech's offer includes various models of smartbands and smartwatches that differ in functions and design. There are both simple and minimalist models, as well as more advanced devices with many additional functions. However, they all offer high-quality workmanship and reliability, so they can be used daily for a long time.

Media-Tech smartbands and smartwatches are an ideal solution for people who want to have access to important information and services always at hand, without having to use a smartphone. They are also an excellent choice for physically active people, because they allow you to accurately measure and monitor many parameters related to physical activity.

The difference between a smartwatch and a smartband is that the former is a more independent device, while the latter needs an application on the smartphone to function.

Simply put, a smartwatch, just like a smartphone, has numerous functionalities. Most often, it has a separate connection to the Internet and often a SIM card that provides connection to the mobile network. The application on the smartphone is a significant support and development of the capabilities of the smartwatch. A smartwatch is a wristwatch with functions that go beyond timekeeping. These devices are able to track the user's physical activity, location, and other health-related information. A smartwatch typically has an electronic display that can be used to display real-time data. Some models can also display alerts for incoming calls or messages.

The smartband, in turn, is designed mainly to measure sports-related activities - such as the distance traveled, the number of steps or calories burned, and the everyday life of the owner.

A smartwatch is a wearable device that can be used to interact with others, receive notifications, track health, and more. It's a more standalone device. The smartband is worn around the wrist and can also be used for health tracking.

Both devices are equipped with sensors using the photoplethysmography (PPG) technique to measure the pulse and photosensitive photodiodes for measuring the oxygen level in the blood. However, other parameters such as blood pressure, fatigue, body fat, etc. are based on calculations of algorithms. These devices are not medically certified. Therefore, the indications of smartwacha, smartband and their applications cannot be indications for a doctor or treatment. They can only be an additional suggestion for detailed research and analysis.

Some devices are also equipped with temperature sensors (on the wrist). More advanced models allow for simple ECG measurement (ECG) by closing the electric circuit (the finger of the other hand should be touched by the sensor on the watch, thus completing the circumference around the chest).

It is difficult to clearly determine which Media-Tech sports band is the best, because everything depends on the individual needs and preferences of the user. The company offers a wide selection of sports bands that differ in function and design, so it is worth reading their specifications carefully and comparing them with your own needs.

If you are looking for a sports band that will measure and monitor a wide range of parameters related to your physical activity, it is worth paying attention to models with many sensors and functions, such as measuring heart rate, steps, calories burned or sleep quality. However, if you need a simple device that will allow you to efficiently control e.g. music during training, simpler models with basic functions will be sufficient.

Yes, smartband ACTIVEBAND VENETIA MT869 it has a voice chat function, thanks to which it is possible to talk through the watch itself. To use this feature, you need to connect the smartband to your smartphone via Bluetooth and use it as a microphone and earphone. In this way, you can talk to people who are connected to your smartphone without having to hold it in your hand.

In addition, a smartband ACTIVEBAND VENETIA MT869 it has many other functions, such as measuring heart rate, steps, calories burned or sleep quality, as well as the ability to control music or receive notifications from the phone. It is therefore a universal device that allows you to comprehensively monitor our activity and health, and also allows you to conveniently use various services and applications without having to hold the smartphone in your hand.