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Wireless WIFI 4 USB DONGLE 11n MT4223 card

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Wireless WIFI 4 USB card. Data transfer: up to 300Mbps (in the local network). External, screw-on 2dBi, 2.4GHz antenna.

WIFI antenna - WIFI ANTENNA 12 MT4221

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The WIFI antenna will allow you to significantly increase the range of your wireless network. At the same time, the quality and strength of the signal will be significantly improved, which will allow you to enjoy high performance connection to the network.

NANO BLUETOOTH 5.0 DONGLE MT5045 wireless Bluetooth interface

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Bluetooth 5.0 nano dongle interface. For personal computers and laptops. Protocol support: PAN, A2DP, HFP, BIP, SPP, HCRP, FTP, OPP, DUN. Range: up to 15m, Class 2
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The "Network devices" category includes a wide selection of devices designed to create and extend wireless networks and to connect various devices using Bluetooth technology. The available products include, among others:

Antena WIFI WIFI ANTENNA 12 MT4221 is a device that allows you to improve the range of your wireless network and ensure better connection quality.

Network card USB WLAN ADAPTER 11n MT4208 is a small device that can be connected to a computer via a USB port and allows it to connect to a wireless network.

Bluetooth interface Nano Stick MT5005 is a small adapter that allows you to connect devices using Bluetooth technology. Thanks to this, it is possible to transfer data between devices and share files and print without having to connect them to a computer.

All these devices are easy to use and allow you to quickly and conveniently expand the network capabilities of your computer or other devices.