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Cobra PRO Mousepad MT260

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The computer mouse pad from the COBRA PRO series of accessories for players. MOUSEPAD MT260 is dedicated to all computer players.

A large gaming mat with colorful RGB GAMING MAT MT262 backlight

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COBRA PRO RGB GAMING MAT MT262 is a large gaming mat (800x305mm) for real experts in computer games and more.
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The category "Mouse mats/pads" contains products intended for use with computer mice. Among the options available are mats of various sizes and functions.

Mouse pad Cobra PRO Mousepad MT260 is a standard 28×35 cm pad, made of a durable material that ensures good grip of the mouse. Perfect for home or office.

Large gaming mat with colorful backlight RGB GAMINGMAT MT262 is a special mat designed for players. It has large dimensions (90×40 cm), thanks to which it fits most desks and allows you to move the mouse freely. In addition, it has a colorful RGB backlight, which gives it an attractive appearance and adds atmosphere during the game. This mat is also made of durable material, thanks to which it ensures good grip of the mouse.