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Cooling pad for the SILENT COOLING PAD MT2660 laptop

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A cooling pad for your laptop that will improve its performance and extend its lifespan. Use this pad for everyday use, while working, studying or having fun, ensuring optimal working conditions without the device overheating.

8 in 1 USB-C HUB PRO MT5044

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Everything you need for your laptop or notebook - multi-functional HUB 8 in 1 USB-C HUB PRO MT5044 with Power Delivery support - use the adapter and charge your laptop at the same time.


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Automatic, universal USB-C PD SMART POWER ADAPTER MT6252 with power 65w for mobile devices, smartphones, tablets and laptops.
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Useful information

There are many types of laptop and notebook accessories on the market. They can be divided into two categories - essential and irrelevant.

The necessary accessories can be classified as a power adapter / charger, external hard drive, USB / USB-C hub, docking station, bag and cooling pad.

Non-essential laptop accessories include, pen holder, stylus holder, screen protector foil, camera shutter, fingerprint reader (biometric sensor), cover stickers, etc.

Although all laptops or notebooks are equipped with trackpads (touchpads) as pointing devices and built-in keyboards. However, it is worth paying attention to the offer of external computer mice and keyboards - for two reasons:

  1. Working longer on the laptop's built-in trackpad and keyboard is inconvenient and ineffective. The built-in trackpad and keyboard of a laptop are not designed for long typing. The keys are too close together and it is difficult to type without pressing the wrong key. You also have to be careful with the trackpad, because accidental touching will move the cursor on the screen and cause a lot of mess in the edited document.
  2. Replacing or repairing laptop's built-in pointing devices is very costly and complicated. For example, replacing the keyboard in a notebook of one of the Korean companies involves dismantling the entire computer into its first parts and takes several hours of precise work of a specialist.

A laptop cooling pad is a great way to prevent your device from overheating. It will also help you control the temperature of your computer when you use it for a long time.

The main reason a laptop heats up is because the heat generated by the integrated circuits (CPU, memory chips) is trapped in the small space between the bottom of the laptop and the desk. The heat cannot escape so it builds up and causes the device to overheat.

The cooling pad will help regulate this temperature by providing an air gap between your laptop and desk - this can be achieved by lifting it on a stand or by using a stand with fans that blow air outward.

The Media-Tech brand offer includes excellent multi-voltage power supplies and a selection of cooling pads for larger and smaller mobile devices.

If you are looking for various types of accessories for your laptop, be sure to check out our "Accessories for laptops" category. In our offer you will find a wide selection of products that will facilitate the daily use of your equipment and make it even more functional.

One of the products that every laptop user will surely need is our 80W Notebook Universal Power Adapter. It is a universal power supply that will allow you to charge your laptop not only at home, but also on the go. It is light and handy, and its power will allow you to quickly charge the battery.

If you need to extend the capabilities of your laptop, we recommend ours 8 in 1 USB-C HUB PRO, which will allow you to connect additional devices such as a printer, scanner or keyboard to your laptop. Thanks to this, you will be able to make even better use of your equipment.

Our power adapter USB-C PD SMART POWER ADAPTER is another product that will allow you to charge your laptop on the go. It is light and handy, and its high power will allow you to quickly charge the battery. It is a great choice for people who travel often and need to always have a spare power adapter on hand.

If you are wondering how to prevent your laptop from overheating during long work, we recommend our cooling pad HEAT BUSTER 4. It's designed to effectively cool your laptop during heavy use, so you'll be able to work non-stop on a cool and powerful laptop.