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KINETIC DOORBELL MT5701 wireless kinetic doorbell

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KINETIK DOORBELL MT5701 is a battery-free kinetic doorbell with a wireless button. The button should be installed in a visible place by the door or wicket (range up to 150m). And the bell should be placed in an electrical socket.

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"Kinetic chimes" is a category of products that are used to announce the arrival of guests or suppliers. The Media-Tech brand offers a wireless kinetic bell KINETIC DOORBELL MT5701, which allows you to install it anywhere in the house or apartment. This modern bell works on the kinetic principle, which means that it does not require any batteries or electricity. Instead, it uses the air movement that is generated when you press the button. Thanks to this, the doorbell is completely wireless and easy to install.

KINETIC DOORBELL MT5701 it also has many useful features, such as the ability to select different ringtone melodies and adjust the volume. Kinetic bell KINETIC DOORBELL MT5701 is a modern and practical solution that will make it easier to inform about the arrival of guests or suppliers.