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COBRA PRO REVENANT MT1257 membrane keyboard

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The COBRA PRO REVENANT membrane keyboard has the option of backlit keys. Highlights are an interesting, additional variety. Especially during the night campaigns!
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The category "Computer keyboards" contains a wide selection of keyboards for desktop computers. Among the available options are keyboards with different technologies and types of switches.

Keyboard PS/2 STANDARD PC KEYBOARD MT122K-US is a classic PS/2 keyboard that is easy to use and has a standard key layout.

Keyboard USB Standard PC Keyboard MT122KU-US it's a similar keyboard, but with a USB plug instead of PS/2. This is a convenient solution for computers that do not have a PS/2 port.

Membrane keyboard COBRA PRO REVENANT is a keyboard with membrane switches that offer slightly less travel and are lighter to use than mechanical switches. This keyboard is quiet and reliable, and its backlight adds aesthetics.

Membrane keyboard COBRA PRO SUCCUBUS is another keyboard with membrane switches, but equipped with the abovebuilt-in wrist rest.

Mechanical keyboard COBRA PRO PURGATORY is a keyboard with mechanical switches, which are characterized by greater travel and more pronounced resistance when pressed. This keyboard is ideal for gamers as its precise switches allow you to react quickly and accurately to your commands.