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"IP cameras" is a category of products used for monitoring and recording images via the Internet. The Media-Tech brand offers a high-quality IP camera called IP PTZ Dome Cloud Securecam 1080P MT4102which is ideal for use in homes and businesses.

IP PTZ Dome Cloud Securecam 1080P MT4102 Camera has a high image resolution of 1080P, which allows sharpness and detail of the image even in the dark thanks to the IR backlight. It also has a rotating head, which allows it to rotate 360 ​​degrees and set the viewing angle as needed.

IP PTZ Dome Cloud Securecam 1080P MT4102 Camera it is also equipped with a motion detection function, thanks to which it can automatically send notifications to your smartphone or e-mail when it detects movement in the monitoring area. It also has a cloud recording function, which allows you to store your recordings in a safe place and allows you to access them from anywhere using the app.

IP PTZ Dome Cloud Securecam 1080P MT4102 Camera is a modern and highly advanced solution that will help protect your home or business against burglary or other threats. It is ideal for people who want to have full control over what is happening in their home or business at any time.