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Smart RC Duplicator MT5108 universal duplicator remote control

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Universal SMART RC DUPLICATOR MT5108 duplicating remote control - 1 for all - duplicates most 280-868MHz remotes with rolling and fixed code.
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The category "Duplicating remotes" contains products for remote control of various devices with one remote control. The Media-Tech brand offers a universal self-copying remote control Smart RC Duplicator MT5108which allows you to remotely control up to 10 devices simultaneously.

Self-copying remote Smart RC Duplicator MT5108 it is very easy to use. Just copy the remote control code of the original device and enter it into the Media-Tech remote control, and then set the appropriate code for each device you want to operate. Thanks to this, we can remotely control the entrance gate or garage door.

Self-copying remote Smart RC Duplicator MT5108 it also comes with automatic device detection, which allows you to quickly and easily copy codes from different devices. This is a very convenient solution because it allows you to reduce the number of remote controls in your home or business and facilitates the operation of various offices