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RHOID TWS MT3607 in-ear wireless gaming headphones

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TWS in-ear wireless gaming headphones with a charger (Powerbox). Built-in sensitive microphone. Easy pairing and operation. Colorful illumination.

ASSAULT TWS MT3606 in-ear wireless gaming headphones

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TWS in-ear wireless gaming headphones with a charger (Powerbox). Built-in sensitive microphone. Easy pairing and operation. Colorful illumination.

COBRA PRO JINN MT3605 gaming headphones

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High-end COBRA PRO JINN gaming headphones are also perfect for everyday use, playing on the console / PC, talking via messengers, listening to music or watching movies.

Cobra PRO Yeti MT3599 gaming headphones

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Large gaming headphones with a microphone for players. Soft fitted ear cushions. Light illumination. Cable length: 2,2 m in a nylon braid.

COBRA PRO OUTBREAK MT3602 headphones

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media tech presents computer headphones from the series of accessories for players COBRA PRO. Headphones COBRA PRO OUTBREAK MT3602 are dedicated to all computer players.

Cobra PRO Mousepad MT260

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The computer mouse pad from the COBRA PRO series of accessories for players. MOUSEPAD MT260 is dedicated to all computer players.

COBRA PRO MT1115 gaming mouse

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A gaming mouse designed for real fans of COBRA PRO MT1115 computer games. Modern gaming design, rubberized surface and profiled shape of the mouse allow for comfortable hand positioning.

COBRA PRO X-LIGHT MT1117 computer mouse

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A computer mouse from the COBRA PRO series of accessories for players. COBRA PRO X-LIGHT MT1117 is dedicated to all computer players.

COBRA PRO REVENANT MT1257 membrane keyboard

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The COBRA PRO REVENANT membrane keyboard has the option of backlit keys. Highlights are an interesting, additional variety. Especially during the night campaigns!

Soundbar speakers with Bluetooth ARAGOR 2.0 MT3175

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Horizontal gaming stereo speaker (soundbar type) with Bluetooth COBRA PRO ARAGOR 2.0 MT3175. This is a set of two-way, stereo speakers with an output power of 8W RMS.
Depending on the user's preferences, they can be set as 2.0 speakers (separately) or combined into a gaming soundbar.

COBRA PRO URION 2.0 Gaming 2.0 Bluetooth Speakers MT3172

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Gaming 2.0 speakers with Bluetooth COBRA PRO  URION 2.0 MT3172 is a set of two-way stereo speakers with 8W RMS output power. Loudspeakers URION 2.0 They perfectly reproduce the sound, thanks to which playing games, listening to music or watching movies becomes a real pleasure. 

HEAT BUSTER 17 MT2659 gaming cooling pad

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HEAT BUSTER 17 MT2659 is the latest cooling pad from the gaming series COBRA PRO, which has two large and efficient fans. Perfect for large gaming and office laptops with matrices up to 17 inches. 

COBRA PRO GORN RF MT1121 wireless mouse

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COBRA PRO GORN RF MT1121 - it's big, wireless optical mouse (2.4GHz) created for computer gamers.
Playing for many hours or working is not a problem - GORN RF is andperfectly fitted to the hand (right-handed mouse). 

A large gaming mat with colorful RGB GAMING MAT MT262 backlight

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COBRA PRO RGB GAMING MAT MT262 is a large gaming mat (800x305mm) for real experts in computer games and more.
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Useful information

Computer gaming accessories are similar to office work: a mouse, a keyboard, headphones with a microphone, speakers. However, they have some distinguishing features, not only visual but also practical.

A gaming mouse is a computer mouse designed for users who play specific game genres - action, FPS, TPS and RPG, where responsiveness and precision are required. Such a device usually has more buttons, better response time, variable resolution and a perfect fit for right- or left-handed players.

The distinguishing feature of the main mice is the colored illumination of the housing that adds "claw" and spice to the device. COBRA PRO offers cost-effective gaming mice.

A gaming keyboard is a type of keyboard designed specifically for gaming. These keyboards often come with features that will make the game more fun for the player. These include programmable keys, backlit keys and an ergonomic design. The programmable keys on the gaming keyboard let you create shortcuts to the most frequently used commands in the game.

The obligatory function of the keyboard are backlit keys that will allow you to play in low light conditions without any problems.

The ergonomic design of these keyboards, including the palm rest, can help reduce hand fatigue and make it easier to play games over long periods of time.

Gaming keyboards are divided into mechanical and membrane keyboards. The COBRA PRO brand offers both of them.

A mechanical keyboard is a type of keyboard that uses physical DIP switches to record keystrokes. The switches consist of two parts that are activated when a key is pressed.

The advantage of using a mechanical keyboard for gaming is that it provides better touch response, greater durability, and faster response times. However, they do have a higher key profile.

Membrane keyboards have a lower profile and are more durable than traditional mechanical keyboards. This makes them perfect for gaming as they also have a quieter sound. Membrane keyboards are also cheaper, which is a definite plus if you're on a budget.

The downside of membrane keyboards is that they can't handle the pressures of ultra-fast typing as well as mechanical keyboards.

A gaming headset is a type of headphones specifically designed to play video games. They are usually more expensive than regular headphones. They have a microphone and speakers designed for use with PCs, consoles, or mobile devices.

Benefits of using a gaming headset include the ability to communicate with other players and the elimination of background noise. This is especially useful for players who live in an apartment building or close to traffic.

Some gaming headsets also have built-in sound cards and surround-sound features that let you control the volume and mix game and other sounds from your computer or console.

The concept of gaming speakers is not new. They've been around for a while, but are becoming popular now due to the increasing popularity of games. Gaming speakers aren't just for gamers. They are also for people who like to watch movies or listen to music while playing games.

Gaming speakers offer many benefits, making them a great option for both gamers and non-gamers. For gamers, they offer an immersive experience, enhancing sound effects and dialogues in video games. For non-gamers, they offer high-quality sound from high-quality components, making them ideal for watching movies or listening to music on a computer or laptop.

The visual feature that distinguishes the main speakers is the colorful light illumination. Although typical gaming speakers are connected to a computer or console by a cable, some of them are additionally equipped with a wireless Bluetooth interface. See what devices COBRA PRO offers.