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SMART DIET SCALE MT5544 kitchen scale

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SMART DIET SCALE is not just an ordinary kitchen scale. This is an intelligent device that, thanks to connection with the AiFresh diet application, becomes an irreplaceable assistant in daily meal planning. Compatibility with IOS 8.0 and Android 4.4 and newer systems, provides easy access to the application on various devices.

Air humidifier BREEZE FAN MT6515

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Desk fan with air humidification. The BREEZE FAN fan cools and humidifies the air. Capacity 350ml. Mist 40ml/h. USB-C Powered. Mood lighting.

Automatic disinfectant dispenser - AUTO ALCO DISINFECTANT DISPENSER MT5521

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Automatic disinfectant dispenser. Designed for alcohol-based liquids. Non-contact infrared sensor. The amount of fluid dispensed is adjustable in 2 stages.
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"Kitchen and bathroom accessories" is a category of products that can be useful in the kitchen and bathroom. The Media-Tech brand offers a wide range of accessories, such as a bathroom scale SMARTBMI SCALE BT MT5513, which helps you manage your weight and get detailed information about your health. 

Kitchen scale SMART KITCHEN SCALE BT MT5516 enables precise weighing of ingredients during cooking or baking. Automatic dispenser of disinfectant liquid – AUTO ALCO DISINFECTANT DISPENSER MT5521 i Automatic Soap Dispenser – AUTO SOAP DISPENSER MT5520 are accessories that facilitate hygiene in the kitchen and bathroom, thanks to the automatic dosing of cleaning agents. These accessories can be useful in the daily use of the home and make it easier to perform various activities.