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Who we are?

Media-Tech has been present on the market for over 25 years. Initially, it was focused on activities on the domestic market. Currently, Media-Tech operates on the international market, supplying products to the countries of Europe, Asia and South America.

About us
About us

Media-Tech Poland

Many years of activity have made Media-Tech one of the few companies with such a wide and diverse range of computer accessories.

Media-Tech devices are manufactured based on the latest technological solutions and high quality. Made of durable materials, with the use of modern technologies, they meet the needs of even the most demanding users. 

The offer of Media-Tech accessories includes a wide range of modern products targeted at various groups of recipients. Media-Tech devices are distinguished by reliability and functionality. This is possible thanks to the rigorous testing procedures of Media-Tech branded products.

The confirmation of the high quality of Media-Tech devices is the Golden Consumer Laurel 2010 award in the Computer Accessories category, awarded on the basis of consumer opinion surveys and numerous awards in the trade press.

Careful workmanship, attention to detail and attractive design of Media-Tech products and their packaging go hand in hand with ergonomics, providing Users with full convenience and comfort of work. Media-Tech's product offer is systematically modernized and extended, thanks to which Users have a free choice of newer and newer solutions available at affordable prices.

Media-Tech sells accessories for individual customers, enterprises and institutions representing various segments of various markets. The value of cooperation with us is determined by the delivery of products that meet the expectations of our customers. It is possible thanks to the integration of the above-mentioned aspects and thanks to the central management system. Our presence in many developed markets around the world and the multitude and variety of implemented projects result in brand awareness.

Media-Tech actively supports interesting projects, acting as a sponsor, participating in fairs and exhibitions, funding awards in competitions.

As a company with many years of experience, we care for our partners, supporting them through a number of marketing and PR activities.

Establishment of the company Multi-Styk sc

1993 year

About us

Registration of the trade name MEDIA-TECH.

1998 year

Commencement of permanent cooperation with the first foreign distributors from Denmark and Sweden

2002 year

After nearly 9 years, as a result of the restructuring, a limited liability company was established, which took the name borrowed from its own brand MEDIA-TECH Polska.

2003 year

About us

Started distribution of products to: Belgium, Romania, Austria and Mexico (OEM)

2003 year

Other European Union countries opened their markets to Media-Tech products (Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Italy)

2004 year

Since 2005, the expansion of the Media-Tech brand in South America in countries such as Mexico and Chile, as well as in other European and Asian countries, i.e. Ukraine, Croatia, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Slovakia

2005 year

There is expansion to other European countries, such as: France, Greece, Ireland

2006 year

Acquiring new distributors in Malta and Hungary

2007 year 

New distributors in Slovenia and Italy

2008 year

Participation in the Distree Fair initiated new sales channels in Iran, India, Germany and Croatia

2009 year

Participation in the Distree XXL Fair - launching new sales channels in: Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina

2010 year

Extension of the product range with new groups (AV accessories, multimedia players with DVB-T), introduction of the Media-Droid brand

2011 year

Participation in the Cebit Fair; introduction of new product groups; developing e-commerce channels; developing cooperation with Spain and Italy

2012 year

The Media-Tech brand was honored as the Optimal Product - Price Quality in the following categories: Music Equipment - Computer.

2014 year

Extension of the product range with new groups (GSM phones, IP cameras)

2015 year

About us

Expanding the range of products with new product categories: Bluetooth speakers and Bluetooth headphones

2016 year

About us

Extending the range of products with new Healthcare groups (blood pressure monitors, scales, smartbands).

2018 year

About us

In connection with the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic, Media-Tech introduces to its product offer: protective masks, pulse oximeters, wireless thermometers, smartbands with a thermometer function, sterilization lamps and other products from the Healthcare category.

2020 year

FFP3 MULTIUSE MASK MT2627 protective mask (2 filters)

Creation of the Doggy Village brand - interactive toys and accessories for dogs

2021 year

About us