Media-Tech Technical Support - General information

This page is dedicated to the technical aspects of Media-Tech products.

  • Please be advised that most problems with the equipment can be solved without the need to contact the manufacturer directly.
    If you encounter problems in using our devices, please refer to the instruction manual attached to the device.
  • If you do not find the answer to your question, contact our specialists, because most problems with the equipment can be solved by phone or e-mail without the need to submit a complaint. In many cases, this will allow you to save time associated with the need to deliver the goods to the service and incurring any costs in the event of an unjustified complaint.
  •  Support is available only for products in the current offer and/or purchased within 24 months from the current date. A requester for technical support may be asked to provide a copy of the proof of purchase of the goods to which the assistance is to apply.
  • If you are looking for drivers or manuals, please select the "Downloads" tab on the product page.
  • Contact with technical support for Media-Tech products is available at the following e-mail address:
Conditions for complaints about goods

Goods complaint

We point out to consumers that, on the basis of applicable regulations, the Guarantee is a voluntary declaration of the entrepreneur - the guarantor, i.e. the manufacturer, importer, distributor or seller, and concerns the quality of the goods.

Please be advised that Media-Tech Polska sp. z o. o. does not provide any warranty for products.

Because of the above  the buyer has the right to complain about defective goods under the warranty.


On the basis of the warranty for defects in the goods the seller replies. Therefore, a warranty claim the consumer submits to the seller. In doing so, he may refer to the disclosed one physical defect (non-compliance with the contract) or legal defect purchased consumer goods.

Complaint does not require a written form, however, the letter is the safest form, as it is proof of its submission. In the letter, the consumer can specify his request and describe the defect. It submits them directly to the seller of the entrepreneur. It can also be sent by post, for example by registered letter with return receipt requested.

Remember! The seller cannot make the acceptance of the complaint dependent on the delivery of the fiscal receipt. It is only proof of the conclusion of the contract.
The seller is responsible for defective goods for 2 years since its release. The deadline for complaints cannot be shortened unused goods within the hands.

Physical defect is the non-compliance of the product with the contract. The product has a physical defect if:

  • it does not have the properties that a product of this type should have, for example, the telephone disconnects calls, the casserole dish breaks under the influence of high temperature
  • does not have the properties that the consumer was assured by the seller or advertising, for example, the medical device does not have the healing properties described by the store employee
  • it is not suitable for the purpose of which the buyer informed the seller when concluding the contract, if the entrepreneur has not raised any objections as to its intended use, for example, the watch is not waterproof at a depth of more than 20 m, and the consumer informed the seller before the purchase that he intends to dive above that depth
  • was delivered to the buyer incomplete, for example a laptop sold without a charger, although it should have been included.

Legal defect goods means that the goods:

  • it is owned by a third party, for example it is stolen
  • it is encumbered with a third party right, for example a third party has a pre-emptive right
  • is characterized by restrictions on its use or disposal as a result of a decision or judgment of a competent authority, for example, it has been secured in criminal proceedings as evidence in a case.

Under the warranty, the consumer may request from the seller:

  • exchange of goods for a new one
  • repair of the goods
  • price reduction
  • withdraw from the contract in the event of a significant defect in the goods.

The seller at the first complaint of a given product can propose different solution than the one chosen by the consumer, however, it must take into account the following circumstances:

  • ease and speed of replacement or repair of goods
  • the nature of the defect - significant or insignificant
  • whether the goods were previously advertised.

The seller is obliged to respond to the complaint within 14 days.

Rules for submitting complaints

1. A device not equipped with a manufacturer's warranty card should be complained about only at the point of sale with proof of purchase. The advertised set should be complete and contain a description of the defect.

2. Devices equipped with the manufacturer's warranty card can be advertised at the point of sale or directly at the Media-Tech warranty service. The claimed set should be complete with a proof of purchase, a completed and signed warranty card and a description of the defect. A complaint form must be completed (click to fill in the complaint form), print, sign and attach the packaging with the complaint.

3. The claimed product will be subject to a preliminary examination, which is to check whether the defect described by the Customer exists and whether the defect was not caused by the fault of the user. The customer will be informed about the method and date of considering the complaint within 14 days from the date of receipt of the goods.

4. The Customer's rights under the guarantee shall expire automatically if:

a.defect caused by a short circuit of the electrical system, which was not caused by a malfunction of the product,

b. the defect was caused by incorrect installation or use of the product in a manner inconsistent with it 
with the intended use or the instruction manual,

c. the defect was caused by a mechanical damage to the product made by the customer.

5. If the guarantee user reports false or misleading circumstances and causes damage to the guarantor, he may be obliged to repair it. In this case, the customer is obliged to cover the guarantor's costs for the activities that the guarantor had to perform in connection with misleading him and submitting an unjustified complaint. The costs for these activities are specified in the table below. 
After verification, the goods are returned at the expense and risk of the Buyer.

6. If the delivered product does not meet the warranty requirements, the Customer will be informed immediately.

7. For unjustified complaints, the customer will be charged with the cost according to the pricelist below.

Costs related to submitting unjustified complaints (effective from December 25, 2014)
Cost for packing and shipping the equipment25 PLN
Diagnostics of functional equipment75 PLN
Diagnostics of equipment mechanically damaged by the customer50 PLN
The cost of storing a device that is not collected at the service station (after the 21st day from the date of repair)2 PLN / day

Procedures for reporting damage to shipments

  • Always in the presence of the parcel deliverer, check that the goods have not been damaged in transit, even if the outer packaging is not damaged.
  • In the event of any inconsistencies, a photo documentation of the parcel should be prepared in the presence of the courier at the time of delivery.
  • In the case of submitting a complaint, you should perform the following steps:
  • Complete the electronic damage report, which is available on the InPost website in the Contact tab at
  • Then, complete the electronic complaint protocol available at
  • Or contact the seller as soon as possible to clarify the matter.
  • In the case of parcels collected from a parcel locker, before completing the parcel collection procedure, select "I have comments on the parcel" on the parcel locker screen, or report this fact immediately to the Customer Service Office.      

 Thank you for your purchase and we encourage you to take advantage of our offer in the future 🙂   

Limited Warranty

The manufacturer provides a 3-month warranty for the accessories listed below

  •  device remote controls
  •  replaceable batteries
  •  mains and car adapters
  •  USB cables
  •  audio cables
  •  accessory headphones

The manufacturer provides a 6-month warranty for the accessories listed below

  •  built-in rechargeable batteries
  •  glass mounting brackets on DVR products
Complaint / withdrawal forms