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FUSION MT872 smartwatch

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FUSION smartwatch The MT872 from Media-Tech is not an ordinary watch. It's your personal trainer and health tracker on your wrist. Equipped with sensors to measure heart rate, blood pressure and blood oxygenation levels, this smartwatch allows you to constantly track key health indicators.

AIR-DRY MT6529 handheld air dehumidifier

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Nowadays, where comfort and a healthy home environment are worth their weight in gold, AIR-DRY MT6529 from Media-Tech stands out as an irreplaceable ally in the fight against excessive moisture. Its innovative technology and compact dimensions make it an ideal solution for any interior - both at home and in the office.

WHITE SHREDDER MT223 document and credit card shredder

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Document and credit card shredder WHITE SHREDDER MT223 from Media-Tech is a must-have in every office and home where privacy protection is a priority. With a security level in accordance with DIN 66399-2, this elegant device guarantees effective document destruction, protecting your information against unauthorized access.

LED desk lamp with LEDITOU MT222K inductive charger

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Energy-saving LED desk lamp with 15W inductive charger. Illuminated alarm clock with °C/°F thermometer.

DENTAL FLOSSJET MT6528 dental irrigator

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DENTAL FLOSSJET is a portable dental irrigator, a breakthrough in everyday oral hygiene. Perfect for people with orthodontic braces, crowns, implants and bridges, as well as for anyone who wants to thoroughly clean the interdental spaces.

EMS FOOT MASSAGER MT6527 impulse foot massage mat

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The EMS FOOT MASSAGER massager is a revolutionary mat for massaging the feet and calves, using an advanced EMS electrostimulation method. This is an ideal solution for people looking for an effective way to improve blood circulation and regenerate tired legs.

SMART DIET SCALE MT5544 kitchen scale

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SMART DIET SCALE is not just an ordinary kitchen scale. This is an intelligent device that, thanks to connection with the AiFresh diet application, becomes an irreplaceable assistant in daily meal planning. Compatibility with IOS 8.0 and Android 4.4 and newer systems, provides easy access to the application on various devices.

HEAD MASSAGER MT6524 head massager

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A device for a gentle and relaxing head massage. Simulation of a professional finger massage. Perfect for self-massage of the scalp, chin, chin and neck. Helps with migraines, fatigue and dizziness.

PORTABLE GUN MASSAGER MT6526 hand massager

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The PORTABLE GUN MASSAGER hand massager is the perfect solution for people who want to experience a deep and effective massage at home. Thanks to its compact design and modern technologies, this handy gun allows for quick and easy regeneration of tense muscles.

MASSAGING U-PILLOW MT6525 massage pillow

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MASSAGING U-PILLOW – Luxurious comfort for your neck The perfect pillow for your health and comfort In the everyday hustle and bustle of life, it is worth

Smartphone holder + desk stand + Bluetooth remote control – GRIPOD MT5543

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Gripod is an innovative 3-in-1 device that provides reliable support for your smartphone. Thanks to the combination of a smartphone holder, a desk stand and a Bluetooth remote control, Gripod allows you to freely use your phone in various situations.


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Two nylon straps included! Monitoring blood pressure, pulse, oxygenation, sports activity and other parameters, media control. Step and distance counter, sleep monitor, calorie burn calculation.
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Partybox Keg BT MT3165 wireless speaker

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PARTYBOX KEG BT wireless speaker is a portable active speaker system as well as a party karaoke system. The active Bluetooth interface allows you to listen to music sent wirelessly from a Bluetooth enabled device

COBRA PRO URION 2.0 Gaming 2.0 Bluetooth Speakers MT3172

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Gaming 2.0 speakers with Bluetooth COBRA PRO  URION 2.0 MT3172 is a set of two-way stereo speakers with 8W RMS output power. Loudspeakers URION 2.0 They perfectly reproduce the sound, thanks to which playing games, listening to music or watching movies becomes a real pleasure. 

Bluetooth speaker PARTYBOX UNI BT MT3174

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Compact Bluetooth speaker with FM radio, MP3 player. PARTYBOX UNI BT is a karaoke set, ideal for home use as well as for use during outdoor events, bonfires, etc.

Soundbar speakers with Bluetooth ARAGOR 2.0 MT3175

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Horizontal gaming stereo speaker (soundbar type) with Bluetooth COBRA PRO ARAGOR 2.0 MT3175. This is a set of two-way, stereo speakers with an output power of 8W RMS.
Depending on the user's preferences, they can be set as 2.0 speakers (separately) or combined into a gaming soundbar.

Wireless speaker BOOMBOX LT MT3155

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Compact wireless Bluetooth speaker BOOMBOX LT MT3155 with a built-in 4 "speaker with 6W RMS power. Oreads music files from microSD memory cards and from other data carriers (e.g. flash drives). 

Wireless speaker BOOMBOX BT MT3145

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Wireless Bluetooth speaker BOOMBOX BT MT3145 with a built-in subwoofer and two midrange speakers. The total power of the set is 15W RMS.

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