The Symbol : MT6513

Automatic vacuum sealer for food. Vacuuming hose for vacuum containers (containers not included).

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AUTOMATIC FOOD VACUUM SEALER – is very easy to operate device, thanks to which food, e.g. meat, fish, sausages,
dairy products, vegetables will stay fresh and taste good longer. Vacuum packed is not exposed to bacteria’s or mold.
The smell of food will also not mix with other products in the fridge.

Extremely easy operation of the VACUUM FRESH requires no special skills from the user.
A part of the set is a hose that is used to remove air from vacuum bags or containers.

The vacuum sealer has a small size, it’s easy to move and does not occupate much space.

MT6513 has the function of packing food in different humidity levels. To start packing, press the „FOOD”
button. The device is ready for packing dry products in DRY mode and moist products in MOIST mode.

This is an ideal function for preparing pickled meats. When sucking air from a foil or bag, meat or other
products absorb all the flavors from the marinade, thanks to which their taste values are even better.
This function allows you to quickly get the effect of many hours of marinating by the traditional method.
In addition, food prepared in this way will have a longer shelf life.

  • Automatic vacuum sealer for food
  • For dry and moist food
  • Touch panel
  • Sealing length: up to 30cm          
  • Max. suction pressure: ~55kPa
  • Vacuum pump efficiency: ≥4L/Min
  • Vacuuming speed dependent of bag/container capacity
  • Sealing time: 6-10 seconds
  • Vacuuming hose for vacuum containers (containers not included)
  • Noise: 70dB
  • Power: 125W
  • Dimension 375x60x96mm
  • Weight: 958g

Note. Use only certificated to carrying food foil bags dedicated for kitchen food sealers

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