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2 in 1 Electronic Otoscope & Ear and Nose Safe Cleaner

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SMART OTOGUARD MT4104 is a universal and wireless electronic otoscope with tips for ear and nose hygiene.

High-quality image
High resolution HD camera with 3Mpix CMOS optical sensor enables in-depth insight into nasal and ear tunnels. The image is sent to mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) using WiFi technology with bright LED illuminance.

Waterproof IP67
You can easily keep the otoscope clean. You can wash the tip under running water after each use.
Easy and safe to use
The flexible ear spoon is made of silicone. It prevents damaging sensitive areas such as the inside of the ear and nose during examination / cleaning. The otoscope has been designed to reach the deepest places without causing damage to the body. The application allows you to select the right or left ear to facilitate the self-diagnosis of the user by displaying the image. You can send the saved video or photos to your doctor to help diagnose and set treatment.

In the era of difficulties with access to a doctor, be yourself laryngologist. Easily, professionally and safely diagnose, clean your ear and nose!



Mandatory equipment for every bathroom
SMART OTOGUARD will effectively replace cotton buds. Thanks to the tips and the camera, you will be able to clean your ears perfectly, without stuffing the secretions inside, which is usually a serious problem due to previously known cleaning methods. 

Well-thought-out shape
The metal camera head with a diameter of only 4.5 mm will also fit into children's ears. You will take care of the health and hygiene of your children. SMART OTOGUARD it can be used not only for viewing the eardrum and the inner ear canal, but also for instance inside the nostrils.
Take the otoscope with you
The device has a built-in lithium-ion battery that allows up to 90 minutes of work when fully charged. The battery is charged via the microUSB socket.


  • 2 in 1 Electronic otoscope with safe and gently ear and nose cleaning adapter
  • High resolution CMOS 3Mpix video sensor optimized for ear and nose examination
  • Video streaming, recording, still photo making to smartphone
  • Convienient and portable
  • Very easy to use for everybody, much safer than cosmetic sticks
  • Optimal focal lenght – 1,5-2cm
  • Picture zoom 30X
  • 3-axis gravity sensor
  • Super-bright 6 white  led’s frontlight
  • Only 4,5mm lens tube diameter suitable even for kids ears
  • Included trasparent plastic and silicone spoon to remove remains
  • IP67 waterproof metal head tube easy to clean
  • WIFI connection
  • Powered by lithium battery up to 90 min working after full charge
  • MicroUSB socket for battery charging
  • Intuitive IOS or Android app – compatible w
  • Dimension: 124x15mm (without spoon head)
  • Weight: 17g
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