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Travel Friendly, Portable, Hanging, Clothes & Shoes UV-C Airdryer

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A revolution in the field of drying clothes - SMART AIRDRYER UV MT6518 is a portable air dryer for clothes and shoes.

Gentle, quick and thorough drying with warm air, smoothes out creases and keeps clothes fresh, clean and soft.

It is suitable for drying most shoes and clothes, including underwear, socks, children's and sports clothes, towels and much more.

Note: The drying time may vary depending on dryer’s load factor.

Easy to use dryer

Simply hang your clothes on a hanger or smaller hooks, set the timer (up to 120 minutes) and then gentle waves of warm air will do the rest. No more problems with moisture
and long drying in inclement weather! Thanks to its high efficiency, this dryer facilitates ironing, minimizing the appearance of creases on clothes.

There is no more convenient and faster way to dry clothes! Save energy and space - the perfect dryer for apartments, dormitories, motorhome apartments and many other small spaces.

Additionally, UV light is emitted during the drying process

High-energy UV-C radiation triggers photochemical reactions. Radiation with a wavelength of 253.7 nm is absorbed by the nucleic acids of the cell and results
in a dose-dependent killing or damage of bacteria and mycelial spores. Therefore, UV-C radiation is used for the deliberate elimination of microorganisms (such as bacteria/viruses, yeasts and molds).

MT6518 has protection against accidental overheating and an intelligent shutdown mode: it cools down for 20 seconds before switching off.

Perfect for home and travel

The SMART AIRDRYER UV clothes dryer can be folded, so it takes up less space in a suitcase/backpack.

  • Perfect for travel and home use
  • Irreplaceable during humid weather 
  • 4 double hooks for small items (socks, gloves, panties) 
  • Water resistant zipped cover Oxford fabric 210D 100x55cm
  • UV-C disinfection
  • Overheat protection
  • Touch buttons
  • Timer control up to 120min
  • Safe cooling 20s to switch off
  • Drying temperature: ~35oC
  • Power: ~300W
  • Power cable ~2 meters
  • Max. load 2,5kg
  • Dimensions: 420x245x85mm (main unit)
  • Weight: 0,47kg

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