The Symbol : MT4220

IT offers benefits and features 3G modem and WIFI router’s basic properties, while maintaining the compact size. Price is comparable to the popular 3G modems!

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Practicaly all mobile operators provide affordable and reasonably sized data packets. Dor individual users, devices such as smartphone, tablet or notebook
3G is a great solution for the independence of the availability of public WIFI access.

Howewer, the “stairs” start when the one-time internet access mobile wants to use some people.

Ofcourse, you can share data transmission through WIFI on Android devices (thetering) or on a notebook with Windows.

However the drop in performance on the device hosting, its load, and of energy consumption effectively discourages volunteers to share in this way access.

On the other hand, most of the tablets on the market are not equipped with modems 3G or LTE, for economic reasons.

Thus, the usage of them as, for example, navigation devices or terminals is limited to the extent of public access points in places offering “healthy” foods like McDonalds or KFC

And here is the Media-Tech Poland proposition of a simple and economical solution in the form of an innovative device – MOBILE 3G MODEM & WIFI MT4220.

IT offers benefits and features 3G modem and WIFI router’s basic properties, while maintaining the compact size. Price is comparable to the popular 3G modems!!!

Key features of MOBILE 3G MODEM & WIFI ROUTER MT4220:
3G MODEM – Ability to have access to the internet by plugging the device to the computer – that is, as with any popular modem 3G
ACCESS POINT - ensures wireless Internet access up to 5 users simultaneously via WIFI

The only thing you need is a power source with a standard 5V USB socket type A such as power supply 230V wall, car universal USB charger, the easiest POWERBANK
a minimum capacity of 1000mAh cells, or simply the USB port on the notebook.

Device configuration is done through a web browser. To protect against unauthorized access, you can set a password WIFI.

That's what is most important - MT4220 is extremely easy to use.

When you want to use it as an access point simply insert the SIM card without pin with active transmission of data and connect to the socket UDB 5V.

The device after a short while will automatically recognize the data transmission parameters, including the APN and operator codes and will be able to use the internet via WIFI

  • 2 in 1 3G/WIFI dongle
  • High mobility and flexibility
  • Management by WWW
  • No computer is necessary
  • Internet access in travel by combination of 3G and WIFI technologies for computers, smartphones and tablets
  • 2 operate modes: 3G modem and WIFI AP (internet access point)
  • Micro SD socket 
  • Interface: USB 2.0 
  • Windows VISTA/Win7/Win8.1compatible
  • Very small size: 86x27x10mm 
  • Weight: 21g
  • 3G modem mode: operate as USB WCDMA/GSM modem for personal computer
  • Compatible standards: HSPA, UMTS, GSM, GPRS, EDGE
  • Frequency:  WCDMA 2100MHz; GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz
  • Transmission speed: up to 7,2 Mbps (downlink), up to 5,76Mbps (uplink)
  • Zero CD feature - all drivers are installed in internal memory of device
  • Data and SMS service
  • WIFI AP mode: operate as standalone device (without computer) only with any 5V USB power (car,wall power adaptor or powerbank)
  • Simultaneous access for up to 5 WIFI users