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What are the benefits of using a desk lamp?

The advantages of having a desk lamp both at home and in the office are obvious. First of all, they benefit your eyesight as they precisely illuminate the work area in front of you. In addition, modern lamps are equipped with energy-efficient LEDs, consuming much less electricity than the main room lighting. Finally, another advantage is the ability to easily choose the color of light from white "cold" to yellow "warm".

The lamp does not take up much space (sometimes it is attached to the edge of the countertop). Undoubtedly, a positive feature is the ability to easily adjust the direction of light.

Lamp with wireless smartphone charger.

The need is the mother of invention, so the desk lamps also lived to see new useful features. One of the most interesting is the built-in 5W wireless charger for smartphones. In short, if your phone is equipped with inductive charging capability, you can comfortably lay it within the charging area and do your thing. During this time, the battery of your mobile device will be charging. You can reach for your phone at any time be from having to unplug the cord.

Of course, the base of the light also has a USB type charging port to connect another USB device for charging.