• Kinetic doorbells

What is a kinetic doorbell for the front door?

A doorbell is a device that is installed on or at the front door and allows you to notify people on the premises of pending arrivals.

Previously, these types of doorbells required wiring and a power supply. Newer ones, also sold in discount stores, required battery power but thanks to that they did not need troublesome cable installation, usually involving the use of tools, drilling holes etc.

The latest technological advancement is the kinetic bell. It is a modern type of bell, which transmitter does not require cable or battery power. Communication with the receiver (control panel with loudspeaker) is wireless.

Kinetic doorbell is fabulously easy to install and use, and thanks to high resistance to external factors - reliable.

How does the kinetic doorbell work?

The device consists of two components - a small very durable transmitter in the form of a button and a receiver powered from the electrical socket in the premises. The transmitter is equipped with a kinetic button, which converts mechanical energy into electricity, eliminating the need for batteries or accumulators. In addition, communication between the transmitter and the receiver does not require a cable connection - it is done wirelessly and the operating range in open areas is up to 150m (actually 100m). The operating frequency is 433 MHz and radio transmission should not interfere with or be disturbed by other devices.

The control unit (receiver) installed in the premises takes the form of a small device plugged into a 230V socket and is equipped with a loudspeaker, dozens of melodies and volume control.