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Tracking watch, with alarm phone for safety of kids in age 5-10. Color display with touch panel. GPS, LBS (mobile base stations), WIFI location checking.

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Media-Tech presents the children's Smartwatch KIDS LOCATOR 4G GPS MT864which allows fast and easy contact between parents and their child.

Now the watch uses the latest 4G technology, however  it's still compatible with older communications networks.
Parents can also track the walked route by their child as well as many other useful features to ensure safety.

For the full safety support, this smartwatch must be synchronized with the smartphone of the parent (Android or iOS).
Moreover a SIM card must be placed into
MT864 watch.

All settings must be setted up through the app SE Tracker.

SOS Number - Enter the phone numbers of the parents, the numbers are used in sequence with the function call SOS child. When the first attempt fails to connect, the watch will automatically call another SOS number.

Wechat - You can send a voice or text message to your child. The child can listen to it or read the message on MT864 watch.

Map - You can see the current position of the watch, the current battery status and the procedure of obtaining the position (red color indicates the use of the GPS signal, green color indicates the use of WiFi hotspots, blue color indicates a position transmitted by GSM).

Geofence - Electronic fence you can set the radius around your current position, eg. 500 meters. If the child moves beyond this area (radius), then the application will automatically send a notification to you.

Footprint - This function enables you to restore the watch changes position exposed on Google maps.

Health - You can enable following parameters to monitor: burned calories, number of steps, distance traveled and the number of rotations of the body during child's sleep.

Monitoring - smartwatch calls the parent's number in silent mode (smartwatch's speaker will be muted). This function allows to hear the surrounding of your child.

  • Tracking watch, with alarm phone for safety of kids in age 5-10
  • Color display with touch panel
  • GPS, LBS (mobile base stations), WIFI location checking
  • Bluetooth
  • Tracing kid location online using smartphone map
  • Patch display
  • Geofence
  • Remote enabled wiredtapping
  • Up to 10 numbers phone book bult-in
  • Both ways voice real-time communication
  • Voice chat
  • Videocall
  • Pedometer, alarm clock, scheduler, match game
  • SOS function (emergency voice connection with consecutive phone numbers + SMS notification)
  • Bright LED torch
  • Low battery alert
  • Up to 2 days standby


  • Mobile network: GSM/WCDMA/FDD-LTE/TDD-LTE
  • WIFI: 802.11n
  • SIM: nanoSIM with PIN code removed
  • Display: color LCD 1,44” 240x240ppi
  • Touch panel
  • Audio: speaker and microphone
  • Video: camera 0,3Mpix
  • Sensors: G Sensor
  • Flashlight
  • Memory (RAM+ROM): 4GB+4GB
  • Battery: Lithium polymer battery 700mAh 3,7V
  • Charging: 5V 1A, magnet pin cable
  • Compatible systems: Android 5.1, iOS 6.x and above
  • Weight: 53g
  • Size: 52,5x43x15,8mm
  • Wrist circuit: 135~205mm


Active SIM card, with removed PIN, charged account and data transmission is necessary. Approx. data usage – 30MB/month dependent of using intensity.

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