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U-DRIVE STATION code: 5906453140483

model: MT4048

Car DVR Device 1080p Full HD, sound and video recording during driving, 12 Mpix photos, LCD color display, docking station, powered from car lighter socket


model: MT4048

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Product description

U-DRIVE STATION MT4048 Is car DVR with FXD docking station. The FXD chcks perfectly with the need for multiple assembly and disassembly of the device, for example, when we leave the car at the block.
U-DRIVE STATION MT4048 recorded image in maximum quality FULL HD, which allows you to read the smallest detail. It also allows you to take pictures with a resolution up to 12Mpix. The materia lis collected on an microSD memory car dup to 32 GB. Loop recording eliminates the problem of lack of space on the SD card
The extra advantage of the model is the HDMI port, so that you can easily play back the recording directly on your TV screen.
1. Car black box
- audio-video record of the path traveled, events and situations – no one will acuse you that you crossed a red light .
- Recording of the MT4048 enables the identification of another vehicle that fled the scene,
- Recorded materia lis a practical proof in the case of a collision, enabling rapid investigation who was the preparator of the event
- Materials can be also helpful in the proces of proof of insurance (where the expert questions the type of damage found)
2. Recreational camera – record the exploits of car and traveled route – rallies, races, tours, etc
3. Practical camera 12MPIX – Enables rapid photographic documentation of the damage and take pictures of the location of the event in high definition
Important features U-DRIVE STATION MT4048:
1. Playback on TV – the ability to connect to a TV and publications recorded videos on the network;
2. Enable/ disable recording when you turn off engine (provided power from cigarette lighter)
3. Enable/Disable the moment when motion is detected
4. Thanks to small size, visibility is not limited;
5. Practical, fast and strong assembly to the windshield, efficient docking station;
6. Built-in rechargable lithium battery back-up recording pledged as security after the accident;
7. Record in the popular AVI format for easy processing of recordings on most comupters and operating systems.

Technical specification

  • •Recording in Full HD and high audio quality
  • •Proof of the incydent
  • •Stable mounting
  • •Docking station FXD
  • •1080p mode allows you to read the smallest detail
  • •Connecting to a TV through the HDMI port
  • •Color LCD display: 1,5”
  • •High-resolution CMOS optical sensor
  • •Full HD 1080p (30fps), HD 720p (60fps)
  • •Photo resolution up to 12 MPIX
  • •Video Format: AVI (H.264 video codec)
  • •Writing data to the microSD card with capacity up to 32GB
  • •Loop recording (overwriting in the absence of space on the card)
  • •Built-in microphone and speaker
  • •HDMI output
  • •Built-in battery
  • •Multi-language menu
  • •Recording starts and stops with the engine
  • •Dimensions : 73x40x40mm


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