Model: MT5107
Warranty: 2 years
99,99 PLN*
* including VAT

Media-Tech presents a USB biometric fingerprint reader E-NIGMA MT5107 for PCs. This small device provides secure access to banking platforms,
applications and all data's that you need, by simply touching the device with your finger.

Traditional password protection is being replaced by safer forms of identification. The fingerprint can not be intercepted or broken like a classic password.

E-NIGMA instantly (0.5s) recognizes fingerprints assigned to you to decrypt the data you want to access.

Note that:
- the fingerprint layout stays unchanged, even when
we get older,
- the fingerprint is unique,
- the biometric method gives 99% certainty when it comes to verify the user's permissions.

How does the E-NIGMA fingerprint reader work?

The device has a scanning field, you can use any finger, right or left hand. The system performs a finger scan and then analyzes the configuration of characteristic features.
On the basis of the saved data, the user is granted access to the reader at subsequent logon's.

The most popular applications of fingerprint reader:
- logging into websites and banking platforms,

- granting access to workstations, operating systems, folders or applications,
- work time recording systems.

A huge advantage of using E-NIGMA is that you don't have to remember your password/PIN anymore!

User Manual
SmartID Software for Windows

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