Model: MT5101
Warranty: 2 years

VIRTU 5.1 USB, is the perfect 3D Surround sound card for PCs and laptops, offering virtual 5.1 sound. It is useful at work, home and wherever you need high quality audio.

MT5101 offers excellent sound experience when playing your favorite computer games or watching movies.

The advantage of the VIRTU 5.1 USB card is the quick configuration without installing additional drivers - Plug & Play.

MT5101 doesn't cause conflicts, so it can work along with another sound card.
Just plug into USB port and enjoy clear, surround sound!

• USB Sound Card
• USB 2.0 interface
• Virtual 5.1 surround effect
• Output:  mini-jack 3,5mm for stereo speakers and headphones
• Input:  mini-jack 3,5mm for microphone
• LED status information
• Plug & play
• Virtual speaker shifter – changing the virtual channels  
(with installed software option Xear3D – can be purchased separately)
• Compatible with Windows Vista, 7, 8
• Power: 5V from USB port

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