Model: MT6506
Warranty: 2 years
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High energy UV-C radiation triggers photochemical reactions. The wavelength of 253.7 nm is absorbed by the nucleic acids of the cell and leads, depending on the dose,
to kill or damage bacteria and mycelium germs. Therefore, UV-C radiation is used for targeted liquidation of microorganisms (such as bacteria’s).
Advanced technology for disinfecting and drying shoes for everyone.

Here are some facts that you may not realize:

  • There are 140,000 fungal spores and bacteria in shoes.
  • Bacteria's cause not only unpleasant odors but also dangerous diseases such as athlete's foot.
  • The fungal spores and bacteria are everywhere: in the shower, pool, beach, gym, and even on the home floor.
  • Moisture in footwear will develop and multiply "uninvited guests"
  • Athlete's foot is not a result of bad hygiene but a combination of unfavorable circumstances
  • Foot infections can be easily acquired but it is difficult to get rid of it.

The usual ways of drying shoes and preventing the growth of mycosis and bacteria:

  • Cloth dryers, hair dryers, exposing to the sun -> it's ineffective and might destroy footwear.
  • Service for sterilizing footwear in an external company or clinic -> it's effective but also very expensive.
  • Footwear deodorant> masks the unpleasant odor for a while leaving the problem of mycosis and bacteria's unresolved.
  • Chemicals for disinfecting footwear (ex. sprays) - there's need to use them again and again after taking off shoe's, they can cause allergic reactions.

BOOTS UV-C DRYER is a cheap, effective and safe solution of footwear problems:

  • Gently removes moisture from inside the footwear thanks to the automatically selected drying temperature
  • Most spores of fungi and bacteria are eliminated by ultraviolet UV-C rays
  • UV-C light is a professional method of sterilization used in medicine and cosmetics
  • Disinfects, refreshes and helps to get rid of unpleasant odors from shoes
  • Extremely simple and safe for the user and footwear application
  • Thanks to its shape, you can also use the device to disinfect other clothing components, eg gloves and hats.
  • Very low cost of use - 8W power consumption

• Dryer for shoes, gloves, hats,helmets, etc.
• Automatic drying temperature control
• Overheat protection
• Ozone disinfection
• Removing bacteria and fungal spores
• Helps to remove bad smell
• Small dimension and weight – usable everywhere where is power outlet
• Power: 8W
• Power supply: AC 220-240V
• Cable lenght: 1,40cm
• Dimensions: 2 x 140x55x35mm
• Weight: 0,182kg
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